The Wild - Save What You Love

June 25th - 7pm PDT
/ 8pm MTN

Salmon Homecoming

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The Wild - Save What You Love
Award-winning documentary, The Wild is a race against time. “Newly into addiction recovery, an urgent threat emerges to spur fisherman/filmmaker, Mark Titus back to the wilds of Alaska, where the people of Bristol Bay and its storied wild salmon runs face devastation if a massive copper mine is constructed.”
Pebble Redux - Redux
This film shows the Trump fast-tracked, expanded mine proposal through the eyes of its newest, cutest threatened species representative – a four-year-old grizzly bear. Check out the views this young grizzly enjoys while he plays and snacks in the densest grizzly bear habitat in the world and learn how you can help stop this proposal – again!
Your post-screening questions answered by an expert panel
Zaria Forman
Zaria Forman documents climate change with pastel drawings. She travels to remote regions of the world to collect images and inspiration for her work, which is exhibited world-wide. She has flown with NASA on several Operation IceBridge missions over Antarctica, Greenland, and Arctic Canada.
Mark Titus
Award-winning writer + director and founder of August Island Pictures. His features include The Breach, The Wild, and other brand films. Mark grew up fishing for salmon. He worked in the Bristol Bay salmon industry for years and understands the magnitude of this issue on many levels.
Everette Anderson
Born and raised in Dillingham, Alaska is of Yupik and Scandinavian descent. Grew up subsisting and commercially fishing in Bristol Bay. Former Bristol Bay Native Corporation Board Director, now Senior Vice President Bristol Bay Seafood Investments. Curyung Tribal member, BBNC and Choggiung Limited shareholder.
Drew Hamilton
Alaskan bear guide, leading trips to help people experience the bears and wilderness it has to offer for the last 20 years. President of Friends of McNeil River working to highlight the plight of the bears in the fight against the Proposed Pebble Mine. Won the 2019 Daniel Housberg Wilderness Image award from the Alaska Conservation Foundation for his work fighting Pebble.
Diane Morgan
Portlander, not only a mother of two, but an James Beard award-winning cookbook author and freelance food writer. Her love of wild salmon comes through in her cookbook: Salmon: Everything You Need to Know + 45 Recipes
Chad Brown
Decorated US Navy veteran and recipient of multiple honors serving in the Gulf War and Operation Restore Hope, Somalia – and struggles today with PTSD. Channels his love of flyfishing and wild places to treat his own struggles and to serve others – particularly inner-city kids of color – by introducing them to the wild through fishing.
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Your Ticket Purchase puts money directly into the hands of Bristol Bay non-profits and support independent local theaters. Thank you.